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We believe that an excellent reputation and professionalism are fundamental to the success of our business, so we adhere to work ethics and professional principles at the highest levels, and take into account the requirements of honesty and integrity in dealing with our clients.

Work Stages at Almaksoud Steel


Our distinctive engineering staff designs and studies various steel structures that comply with and meet client requirements and needs. We rely on our vast experience and utilize cutting-edge structural design software, which helps us provide structural studies that decrease total costs.


The manufacturing process is carried out by elite technicians specialized in the steel industry using the latest machines and production lines. After that, each piece is submitted to the professional quality assurance team comprising engineers and technicians.


The logistics support team, using cranes, special machines, and elite loading and follow-up team workers, works to coordinate the shipping mechanism for each project according to the country of destination. During this stage, we consider all precautions and arrangements required for delivering the pieces safely to the installation site.


Each project has its own arrangements, starting from drawing installation plans and maps sent within each project to the installation site. After that, the specialized installation team installs each piece in its designated place (after numbering the pieces in our factory) following the installation plans.


We remain true to our slogan “we care about our client.” At Almaksoud Steel, we care about our clients’ opinions as they are the source of our pride. We strive to meet their needs even after the installation is completed on-site.

Implementing quality control during manufacturing, shipping, and installation.

We conduct quality control from manufacturing to shipping and installation. We also offer engineering studies that contribute to reaching the optimal solution and minimum costs.
Large production capacity; Almaksoud Steel staff can produce and export more than 5,000 tons/year of ready-to-install steel along with all accessories required.

We manufacture all kinds of steel structures, including but not limited to the following:

Melting plants
Steel structures with internal cranes
Feed and flour factories
Malls and commercial centers
Multi-storied and administrative buildings

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