Al-Maksoud for Steel Constructions

Welcome to Al Maksoud Steel Constructions Company

We are a company specialized in the study, design, and execution of engineering projects for the construction of metal integrated (turnkey project), drawing on the experience of more than 20 years and multiple projects in Turkey and a number of Arab countries such as Libya, Lebanon and Syria.

The company is characterized by the professional in the field of engineering construction of steel structure, which is characterized by rapid construction and low cost, has studied and implemented projects such as high-rise projects, metal structures with cranes, metal structures can be dismantled and installation, taking into account the standard engineering specifications Of earthquake and wind resistance.

The company has studied and implemented several projects in various industrial, commercial, military, aviation, infrastructure projects such as mills, furnaces, brick and tile factories, feed mills, factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and hangars.

The company's management is located in the coastal city of Mersin, Turkey, which has one of the largest export ports in the region. The company is proud of the spread of its projects in various provinces of Turkey and outside Turkey, through its specialized cadres of engineers with experience and qualified technical teams.

The company was founded in 1995 from the Syrian city of Aleppo, the oldest city in the world, and the most famous industrial cities in the Arab world, and expanded its work as it moved to Libya in 2011 and Turkey in 2014.



Professionalism in providing the highest levels of services provided to customers and working to establish strong partnerships with the industrial brothers to contribute to the expansion plans and continuous research and development to reach the stage of innovation and innovation in the manufacture of metal structures.


Gain the confidence of markets and customers and contribute to the industrial renaissance as a leader in the field of metal installations offering the most appropriate economic solutions through:
- Optimal use of metal industry technology by specialized and innovative staff.
- Focus on continuous development in accordance with the overall quality standards.
- To move towards leaving long-term value to all our customers.
- Continuing geographic expansion in the scope of work and the continuous pursuit of maintaining the company's leading position among international competitors.


• Leadership: We develop talent and build capacity to create effective business solutions that meet the needs of our customers in full, as well as develop new job markets and improve the level of our staff by optimizing the financial, human and technological resources, which leads to the development of the concept of leadership in the company.
• Innovation: We always seek to learn and support useful innovations, drawing on our expertise and other global experiences, and welcome the positive change that results from creativity and ambitions for the development of our business.
• Integrity: We believe that excellent reputation and reputation are essential to the success of our business, so we adhere to the ethics of work and professional assets at the highest levels, and take into account the requirements of honesty and integrity in dealing with our customers.
• Excellence: We understand and deny our customers' needs, and strive to satisfy them by focusing on the quality component of our business and services, and we are doing our utmost to achieve excellence in meeting their desires.
• Community Service: We aspire to achieve success in the business and well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate. Through our culture, ideas, environmental concerns and collective action, we seek to consolidate our values in our dealings with members of the community around us.
Geographic coverage

  • Turkey
  • Middle east
  • North Africa
  • The Arabian Gulf




A group of specialized engineers study and design various types of metal installations according to international standards that ensure at the same time (quality, safety, low cost) through the use of specialized software programs and follow up all the new in the world of metal installations.



The production and installation works are carried out by a number of our competent cadres trained in the latest equipment and equipment. The site is supervised by Syrian and Turkish engineers and technicians who have a long history in implementing the metal installations, guaranteeing the customers at the same time (quality, speed, precision) Their metal installations.



The company also exports various types of metal structures and metal sections according to specifications and measurements required, as well as all types of cover panels, whether for walls or ceilings to the most accurate details related to bolts and fittings.